Saturday, 29 February 2020

Week 8 - Mobile Phone Magic

 What a fun way to use up time you don't have!!

Original image

I loaded Snapseed and Rollworld on my phone, not realising how very addictive both apps can be, particularly Rollworld.

Who would have thought rolling your 
photos up into little worlds would be 
SO entertaining! 
But it was. And I wanted to roll up photo after photo after photo!

It doesn't work too well with Sparrows as you can see in the image above.                                                         
But it works particularly well with landscape photos.

Particularly ones with tall buildings.
The image to the left is the
original of the tiny world above.

It works well too on images of the yacht basin where there are LOTS of masts!

The original doesn't have quite 
the same appeal.

Even individual trees create unusual effects.

It does seem to lose Rangitoto in the tiny world though.

Snapseed allowed me to superimpose one image over the other with an interesting result.
 And to add a pencil crayon effect to this image of the Gannets.

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