Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Week 1: Where I stand

 A new blog for a New Year. 
Most apt as we start a new decade 
AND as I start a second decade of living in New Zealand.

This blog is in response to a photo challenge I’ve chosen to participate in. A year long Wildlife and Nature photography challenge.  Those of you who’ve followed my various blogs in the past will be well aware of my penchant for early morning rambles and all things beautiful.  You’ll also be well aware of my predilection for words. 
I love letting a photo tell a story but I also love telling stories myself.

In the words of Mary Oliver
 “Pay attention.  Be astonished.  Tell about it.”
Beautiful view across to the city on a gorgeous summer morning
I’m so blessed to live in this beautiful country where access to beaches and natural spaces is so readily available.  No matter where you live in New Zealand, you’ve never too far from the ocean.  One of my favourite places to be is near water.  Preferably on a beach.  Preferably at low tide.  I’m usually found in the rock pools and mudflats attempting to photograph any feathered or finned creatures I might find. I generally end up getting wet.
 AND muddy.
Looking across to Browns Island from Kohimarama
I choose to walk in the early morning before work, usually just as the sun starts to wake-up, which means at this time of the year that I head out fairly early .... think 5.30ish am. 
Beautiful colours as I head out early morning
It’s never a chore.  I treasure my early morning escapades and the impact they have on my pysche.
Mother Nature IS the very best therapist.
Low tide, reflections and Rangitoto

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