Saturday, 25 July 2020

Week 29: Hands

.... or feet that masquerade as hands in the case of this Mackaw.

Whenever I go to the Winter Gardens at the Auckland Domain
I always share whatever I have to eat with the Sparrows.
On this particular day I thought I’d try and photograph the action.
I started off using the camera in my mobile phone but it doesn’t react
quickly enough to catch the movement.
So I changed to my camera.
Have you ever tried operating a camera with one hand?
And keeping it still!!
Needless to say there were a lot of out of focus images but also several gorgeous ones like this.
Human hands are the integral part of the next image and ironically, nature is a part of it too.
When I visited my daughter in the UK last year she asked me to share in a special activity with her.
Having a matching tattoo on our wrists.
She’d already decided it would be a sunflower as they’re one of my favourite flowers.
So we did.
And this was the result.
Needless to say I was delighted with it, as was she.
It helps me feel so connected to her even though we live oceans apart.
We spent my final day in London and,
walking around one of the many parks,
found this squirrel enjoying a feast.
I’d love to know what this Kaka’s thinking as it contemplates it’s foot.
“Touch the earth gently for all are connected.”

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