Saturday, 15 February 2020

Week 6 - Nature's Candy

Wow! This week’s raced past.  
I’ve had so many thoughts about what I’d like to post for this week’s challenge but, 
apart from my very early morning walks, 
time for photography has been hard to find .... until today.
The Grey Ducks at the Botanic Gardens this morning provided some interesting input. 
Two individual ducks were swimming separately from the rest of the flock when, 
what I assume was the male, started pumping his head up and down 
directly alongside and in front of what must have been the female.
Within seconds he was on top of her.
 His weight meant her head kept disappearing under the water.
When he was finished he swam rapidly along for a short distance with his head 
just grazing the water, then circled round to swim next to her again.
Love was definitely in the air!
That’s the Valentine’s aspect of my Nature’s Candy week.
On a more literal level, it’s been all the ‘b’s that have been imbibing in their natural candy.
The birds, the bees and the butterflies!
It was wonderful to once again spot a juvenile Tui at Tahuna Torea 
trying to find sustenance in a flax that appeared to be past its prime.
The bees and the butterflies at the memorial park are always a joy to watch.
As was the Heron at the Stonefields wetland.  
He'd found a skenk in the rocks and was about to devour it.
This is a photo from my archives when the Heron wasn’t quite as lucky 
and managed to drop the worm he’d been fishing for.

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