Saturday, 27 June 2020

Week 25: 3 views

So much fun trying to decide what to post this week!
So many options.
When reading through the weekly challenges at the start of the year I knew I'd be
taking and banking images for this particular week.
I love close-ups of heads and feather detail and eyes!
I don't have the longest of telephone lenses though so can't always sate that desire for the detail, unless the subject is inanimate or, in the case of the feathered variety of critters I photograph, co-operative.
The Morepork I've used for the cover shot was one of the luckiest encounters I've ever had at Auckland zoo.
As I was heading to the exit at the zoo a keeper was walking towards me with this tiny owl on her arm.
He's used for educational purposes at the zoo and was being moved to another enclosure.
She was delighted that I wanted to photograph him and he was incredibly obliging
I hadn't realised just how little they are and how absolutely beautiful those yellow eyes are.
It was such a treat seeing him up close and personal.
The Gannets I photographed just before lockdown were very co-operative.
I think it had something to do with them being totally enamoured
with one another and oblivious to the likes of me.
Fantails, on the other hand, whilst being one of the friendliest of critters,
are the least co-operative when it comes to staying in one spot!
I photographed the duck during lockdown and she was so trusting.
In fact she seemed to relish my company and displayed no fear that I might harm her.
Mr Galapagos Tortoise was one of the subjects used for the week of scales
but he's also a great subject for 3 views. 
He doesn't move very fast either which is an enormous advantage.
All in all, such a fun challenge this week!

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